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Complex Sequence α is a bundle of proof of concept zine-sized tabletop games. They're both playtested, but still works in progress, and while I tried hard to make the pdfs pleasant to read and use, they don't have much in the way of bells and whistles or the level of graphic design polish I would want a final product to have (hence the "alpha" designation).

  • Pretender Complex α: an asynchronous competitive rpg designed to fuel a High Anime orgy of pathos and violence. Inspired by Fate/zero and Fate/stay night and my desire for a Discord-friendly play by post game during my most intensive stretches of pandemic isolation. Rules light and aesthetic heavy, it focuses on handling the logistics of asynchronous play. Also features art from the ingenious Cal Michael.
  • Descender Complex α: an rpg focusing on tactical combat, strategic resource management, and an extensive Sudoku-based character customization system inspired by JRPGs. I wrote this trying to capture the feeling of heavily character-based ttrpgs like Pathfinder or late-edition D&D but wanted something that put less cognitive load on the player. I hope I succeeded, and I hope you like it :)


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Pretender Complex Alpha 1 MB
Descender Complex Alpha
Pretender Complex Playbook (Nathaire) 92 kB


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I plan to run Pretender Complex soon and I am translating it to french (for private use only). I have a few questions on some details of the rules. Is there a way I can send them to you directly? Or should I just post them here? (Some of them contain spoilers).